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Mentor Musings

Posted by Amber Teasdale on April 15, 2010

Before I knew of blogs and EJ, I wanted to hunter.  I’d leveled one to 60 in vanilla, putzing about on my own, speccing BM because I thought that was cool at the time.  When BC rolled around I decided to make her my main.

I knew, at least, basically what stats to shoot for.  I wasn’t that hunter in strength gear or anything.  But the nuances were great msyteries for me, and suddenly there was more gear choices, more stats (hit?!), more…everything.

I would have been pretty lost, had I been left to my own devices.  But I was not.

I had a mentor.  His name was Olgas–as far as I know he still plays this very toon.  He put up with my billion questions about what gear to get and what reps to grind.  Without him I doubt I would have turned into the top 3 DPS that I did.  He still blew me away–there are few hunters out there was awesome as Olgas–but I held my own.

I wonder if he was proud of me?  I never thought to ask.  I don’t think I ever thanked him, either.  Certainly if I did, it was not enough.

If you have a mentor, go give them a cookie. 

Cheers, Olgas.   Happy huntering.

One Response to “Mentor Musings”

  1. Drew said

    My “mentor” was a lot of other hunters’ mentor, too, I think – BRK.


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